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As a member of the #1 Act! sales & support team in the world, our Keystroke Partners get free NFR's to the largest collection of Act! addon's anywhere, including some of the most popular in history like Handheld Contact, Act4outlook, and Tables4act.
These solutions have ranged from simple integration solutions, to free standing applications that work with Act! to improve our customer's user experience and efficiency.

Keystroke developed the Act4 line of vertical products to help professionals in certain industries, namely wealth management, mortgage brokering, real estate, tech support, insurance, and marketing a little bit easier. The Act4 products have employed extensive industry feedback to build Act! solutions that fit these professionals business needs like a finely tailored suit. The best part is these vertical solutions often cost a small fraction of the cost to develop them with a consultant separately.


Keystroke also developed the 4Act! line of horizontal products which offer utilities such as Importers, Custom Tables, Automation, enhanced Office Integration, Quoting Tools, Deduping, and much more. The following represent a list of some of our more popular "Actcessories" we've developed, and Keystroke Partners get NFR access to all of them.


New WebAPI Products

  • MailMerge4act Web
  • Act4outlook Web
  • Book2act
  • Handheld Contact API (coming soon)

** Act! Certified Consultants (ACC) are an exclusive group of independent, trained, and authorized professionals who specialize in helping you implement Act! to run your business better. From initial set-up to customization for your specific needs, Act!’s worldwide network of consultants have the expertise, experience, and passion to get you up and running effectively-and keep you running smoothly. All independent Act! Certified Consultants, and bill separately for their services. Keystroke, Swiftpage, or their parent companies are in no way liable or responsible for any claims made to products or services provided by these third-party vendors. The Act! Certification is managed independently by Swiftpage.

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